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Content Highlight

Example page for text highlight and code wrapping via external plug-in.

Text Highlight

This is a highlight phrase.
Use <span class="highlight">Your highlight phrase goes here!</span>.

Code Wrapping

Below is a sample of <pre> tag or code class:

Example with Sample Code CLICK TO ENLARGE
<div class="ja-typo-pre-title">Code Title</div>
<pre>Your code goes here, and 
replace < symbols with &lt; </pre>

You can also use this as a content toggle.

Example with Sample Code

<div class="ja-typo-pre-title">Code Title</div>
<div class="contents">Your HTML content goes here</div>

Brilliant isn't it?

Code Highlight

Thanks to Syntax Highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev, now you can use {code} ..your code goes here.. {/code}


	#ja-rightcol {
		width: 180px;
		float: right;
		color: #EEEEEE;